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Exhibits - Exhibitors

_ InterAigis has secured the presence of hundreds of Political Protection officers at the exhibition. Massive invitations will be extended to scientific and specialist staff as well as to Civil Protection officials from the public sector, local authorities, the educational and scientific community.

All this creates a comparative advantage and an incentive for all companies to participate.

The exhibits that will be presented through InterAigis 2024 are divided into five major thematic categories
special equipment and means of fire safety, fire protection and fire extinguishing
special equipment and means of safety
special equipment and means of Civil Protection, local government organizations
provision of Civil Protection - security - fire safety services financial and insurance

Our exhibitors

At the InterAigis 2024 exhibition can be seen:
  • Commercial, industrial and manufacturing companies of ground and airborne security and fire safety equipment and floating equipment
  • Companies providing security, fire safety, fire-fighting and aerial fire-fighting services
  • Companies installing, operating, supporting and managing automatic security and fire safety systems
  • Wireless, wired and telematics companies
  • Technical and construction companies
  • Companies of specialised construction materials for protection and fire resistance
  • Companies of personal protective equipment and means
  • Companies trading in arms, other defence and security equipment
  • Design offices
  • Business consultants and legal advisers
  • Offices of experts and technical consultants
  • Banks financial institutions and insurance companies
  • Public bodies, local authorities
  • NGOs, voluntary organisations
  • Professional associations
  • Educational institutions
  • Specialized gift etiquette and souvenir companies

Parallel Events

At InterAigis 2024, scientific workshops will be held in parallel, integrated in a thematic sequence, regarding the current challenges of Civil Protection in our country. In view of the above, we hope that this time InterAigis will again become a tool for the promotion of your activities.