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Interaigis 2024

11-13/4/2024 - Exhibition Center of of Peristeri

International Civil Protection Fire Safety & Special Equipment Exhibition for Local Authorities 

Interaigis 2024

11-13/4/2024 - Exhibition Center of of Peristeri

International Civil Protection Fire Safety & Special Equipment Exhibition for Local Authorities

10:00-20:00 ΚΑΘΗΜΕΡΙΝΑ
ΑΠΟ 11-13/04/2024
Χορηγός Ασφάλειας - Πυρασφάλειας
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InterAigis is an excellent business opportunity for thepromotion and presentation of corporate products and services. At the same time it aspires to become a milestone in the activities of the equipment and services security and fire safety, as well as to highlight and emphasize the progress in the industry’s technologies, while promoting partnerships and the effectiveness of these actions.

It offers a unique opportunity for Greek and foreign companies to showcase their products and services, to develop new professional partnerships, to learn about the developments, innovations and trends of tomorrow.

InterAigis aspires to achieve the horizontal interconnection and communication of the market in Greece, Southeast Europe and the Balkans with the biggest names of companies operating in the field, both in Europe and worldwide.

Prevention, risk reduction, suppression and intervention as well as disaster recovery will find answers and solutions, providing opportunities and perspectives for companies to develop new integrated strategies.

With international participation and huge impact from its very first organization, it is a celebration of innovation for Greek standards and also an organized effort to open the chapter of Civil Protection for the future.


The organisation of the exhibition and the parallel events is the responsibility of the company ALEXIPYRO, under the direction of Nikolaos G. Lt.

Νίκος Διαμαντής Interaigis


In 2009, for the first time in our country, we successfully organized Interaigis, the 1st International Exhibition of Civil Protection, Security, Fire Safety and Special Equipment for Local Authorities, at the Peania Exhibition Centre.

It was attended by the largest companies in the field, Greek and foreign, State Civil Protection bodies, voluntary organizations and Local Authorities.

The exhibition, which was under the auspices of the Ministries of Transport and Communications and Rural Development, with the support of the General Secretariat for Civil Protection, attracted the interest of Civil Protection officials, volunteers and professionals active in all areas of Civil Protection, Security and Fire Protection.

Today we are organizing the 2nd InterAigis, 11-13 April 2024, at the exhibition centre of the Municipality of Peristeri, under the aegis of the Ministry of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection and with the scientific support of the Fire Brigade Officers Association.

The report comes at a particularly crucial period, under the weight of the adverse effects of the climate crisis that has hit our country hard, highlighting the issues of Civil Protection as a priority for both the state and our society.

At the same time, the largest national armament programme of Civil Protection in our country, AIGIS, with a total budget of 1.97 billion, is currently underway.This includes the supply of helicopters and aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, mobile operations centres, folding mobile bridges, GPS fleet management systems and wireless communication systems, fire-fighting helicopters and aircraft, fire-fighting and other vehicles, personal protective equipment and personal equipment for the personnel of the Fire Brigade, EMAK, local authorities and voluntary organisations.

At InterAigis 2024, scientific workshops will be held in parallel, integrated in a thematic sequence, regarding the current challenges of Civil Protection in our country. In view of the above, we hope that this time InterAigis will again become a tool for the promotion of your activities.

We look forward to your participation in the exhibition.

With honor
Nikolaos Diamantis
Lieutenant General - Deputy Chief of Staff (retired).
Scientific & Organizational Manager of InterAigis

_ InterAigis has secured the presence of hundreds of Political Protection officers at the exhibition. Massive invitations will be extended to scientific and specialist staff as well as to Civil Protection officials from the public sector, local authorities, the educational and scientific community.

All this creates a comparative advantage and an incentive for all companies to participate.

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For participation, sponsorship, advertising and communication issues, please contact us at + 30 210 21166062116606, fax + 30 210 2236554 or e-mail: Responsible Ms. Xanthippe Antypa

Η έκθεση Interaigis


Interaigis Διαφήμιση

In the context of promoting the exhibition, a dynamic advertising programm has been designed, the implementation of which has already begun in order to support the exhibition and attract visitors..

Sponsorship Opportunities

The possibility of sponsoring InterAigis 2024 provides a unique opportunity to enhance your company’s profile, broaden the horizons of your business, enter new markets, as well as attract the attention of your target audience and increase your sales.

Your participation as a sponsor of InterAigis 2024 allows you to connect with an important event in the industry, not only during the exhibition but also before and after the exhibition.

A range of sponsorship opportunities are available to companies wishing to make the most of the exhibition’s commercial potential.


Your participation in InterAigis 2024 provides you with a unique opportunity to enhance your company’s profile, broaden the horizons of your business and enter new markets. Address scientific and qualified personnel as well as civil protection executives from the public sector, local authorities, construction, service providers, the educational and scientific community in a structured manner.

For participation, sponsorship, advertising and communication issues, please contact us at + 30 210 21166062116606, fax + 30 210 2236554 or e-mail: Responsible Ms. Xanthippe Antypa

Το σχεδιάγραμμα της έκθεσης Interaigis 2024
Layout of the exhibition