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InterAigis 2024 is the unique and most specialized Civil Protection exhibition in Greece. It covers the Security, Fire Safety and Local Government sectors


  • To achieve the interconnection of relevant market companies that provide Civil Protection products and services in order to upgrade the hitherto fragmented approach and action by sector, so that all those involved at any level can, and have, the possibility of providing integrated solutions.

  • To inform the companies and the specialized executives in Greece and the Balkans about new technologies, special equipment and modern business possibilities from the European and global development.

  • To inform the bodies of the public and Local Government organizations that provide Civil Protection services and their executives (Fire Brigade, Greek Police, Coast Guard, Armed Forces, Regions, Municipalities, etc.) as well as private providers of related services (researchers, manufacturers , technical advisors, experts, lawyers, etc.) for new technologies, modern equipment, financial facilities, etc.

  • To stimulate competitiveness, to reach new business agreements for the representation of foreign houses, but also to highlight investment and development opportunities in the Greek labor market, funded European forest firefighting programs, equipment for Security Forces and Armed Forces, cross-border action, National Civil Protection Program AEGIS, projects in municipalities and regions.

  • To cultivate a sense of security and to sensitize our society in general to the issues of specialized risk from arson, crime, theomen and the consequences of the climate crisis.